Ice and fire+ is a relaxing rpg experience which doesnt stray too far from vanilla like other modpacks.


You can reforge your weapons to be better, and enchant them with a better system than vanilla!


You can slay dangerous draconic beasts to get their scales and bones to make better equipment, aswell as their eggs to hatch a future companion...

learn more about that in the beastiary book!

Or you can use their remains to build a machine that can transform iron into an even more powerful material than the usual draconic equipment...


Oh! Maybe you want to conquer the seas by slaying tons of serpents that slither in the seas, to get the armor that was rumoured to be used by poseidon himself...

Possibly, slaying a void beast?


Well, join now and see what ya do!


NOTE: This modpack is getting a server soon. Stay tuned!