Lappen Craft 2

500 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 24, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5  

Lappen Craft 2 is the Official Sequel of the Lappen Craft Modpack, compared to the prequel is this Modpack more build around the hardcore mode and a higher getting difficulty.


-A Big and Dangerous world to explore with 2 New dimensions.

-Hardcore Mode by default. [In versions Bellow 1.7 Revamped]
-More Epic and hard Boss Battles.
-Relics and Artifacts which help you on your journey.
-A lot of Dungeons to Explore and Discover.
-Fully fleshed out Temperature system.
And More!


The different ways you can play is what makes Lappen Craft 2 unique, you don't have an exact path to follow, you make your own. Alone or with friends, you can experience a unique adventure.



Q: Can you Add Mod or Data pack X?
A: No. I Love Ideas but Please Understand that I can't add every mod or Data pack that gets recommended.


Q: Why has the Modpack more downloads than the files?
A: I've archived the older versions of the Modpack Since the Revamped Version is now the Main Version.


Q: Is my Save file from Previous versions compatible with the Revamped version?
A: Sadly no. The Revamp changed a lot of core mods or even removed them, I recommend starting a new Save File.


Q: Can I Use my Save from Lappen Craft in Lappen Craft 2?
A: Sorry, but no, Lappen Craft 2 has a Different Modlist than Lappen Craft. Trying to load your World will most likely break it.


Q: Can you release a Lite Version of Lappen Craft 2?
A: Maybe but not now.


Q: How Much allocated RAM is Needed for Lappen Craft 2 to Run Smoothly?
A: I Personally Recommend At least 6 to 8 GB of RAM.


Q: Can I Make Content About Lappen Craft 2?
A: You surely can! Being Honest here, why do I get this Questions so often?


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