Lameworld Origins Season 8

68 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 10, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.1   +1

Lameworld Season 8.

This season instead of an vanilla approach we are going with origins mod, to expand on the base game along with many building mods along with a capybara mod and so so  so much more. The origins are the main focus, well maybe the capybaras but hey origins first.

From mob related origins such as the goatian to other things like vampire or knight, There is a multitude of play styles for each one of us!
Now lets go into what the builders of lameworld will like, A BUNCH OF NEW BLOCKS, from mods such as blockus, consistency+ and more.
New paintings, New music discs, Rats, Capybaras, Expanded Enchantment books,  Bounty boards,  Dungeons, new farming, more villagers, respawnable pets, wolf armour, and voice mod. 



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