Approximately 100 strong, get the most of this newest InfinityLabs pack LabsCraft! Packed with magic and tech mods! Some new, other old faithfuls come together to make a fun, kitchen sink style pack. Unfortunately for some, this pack is built running with 5 GB of RAM allocated and is not guaranteed to work with less than that.



The newest iteration of custom modpacks used by the InfinityLabs (ILabs) community.



Inspired by our previous modpack ILabs TNG, a kitchen sink pack for 1.10.2. Like to build monstrosities of technology and automate all the things? Check out Mekanism, ActuallAdditions, RFTools, ExtraUtilities 2, Thermal Expansion and many others! More of a fan of the wizardry and dark magic? Get to work with Roots, Botania, Psi just to name a few! With over 100 mods there is always something to do.


Have a question or want to join the official server? Come talk to us on discord! https://discord.gg/KHr6VuH


Recommended additions:


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