No relation to the modpack CrazyCraft.


This is a modpack meant for messing around. The pack has no real theme and that's the point it's meant to combine a variety of mods even if they shouldn't really go together into one pack. The pack is still getting updates so assume the experience will get more disjointed but as long as it proves fun it has succeeded in it's goal.


Features Include:

-Multiple Dimensions (Twilight Forest, Blue Skies, Deeper and Darker, and more)

-New Weapons (Ranging from a variety of firearms, to Mekanism's mech suit)

-New Forms of Transportation (Planes, Trains, Cars, and Tanks)

-Machinery (Mekanism, and Create)

-Magic (Mahou Tsukai, and Corail Tombstone)

-Storage Options (Refined Storage, Sophisticated Chests, Sophisticated Backpacks, Luggage)

-New Mobs (John, Herobrine, Mob Girls, Weird Mobs, Mutant Mobs, and More)

-New Collectibles (Collector's Album, Mine-pop!, Plushies, and More)

-Mini-games (Table Top Chess, and Casino Craft)


-And So Many More Strange Mods


Server Compatible