Last Updated: Sep 30, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


Sep 30, 2017

Owner: Xharwo

This modpack is a regroupement of popular mods. This modpack contain : 130 mods (include lib). The Kolenos modpack is created to be fun. Combine exploration and tech. 


[IMPORTANT !] You'll need 5Go of RAM minimum to launch this modpack correctly !


This modpack contain popular mods like :



Immersive Engeenering

Thermal Expension

Draconic Evolution


and a lot more...


This modpack is just there to be make you're life easier. All popular mods with a simple download.

Have fun guys and if the modpacks have issues, send me comments and i'll see to fix it up!

[If you guys want specific mods add to this modpack let me a comments too !]


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