Kingdoms of Mine & Mana

89 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Kingdoms of Mine & Mana has been my brain child for many years ever since Thaumcraft 1 and has both gained & lost mods since then and is constantly being updated with new idea mods however seldom do these mods make the cut. Our version updates follow Thaumcraft so whenever it goes to 1.13 or more expect this one to follow.


This mod is meant to be Medieval so there will be NO TECH MODS many of the selected mods do play with Tech mods but don't require them to work. The main Idea is to play your role in the world. you want to be an all powerful Wizard, a Famous Blacksmith, The Hero, a Thaumiturge with an unquenchable thirst for Knowledge, or just a farmer this modpack will let you do it all and more all while building beautiful cities in Medieval lands.


our goal is to share this pack with our friends their friends & anyone else who wants to have a fun, at times intense, and fulfilling experience come on & play.


Recommended settings: 8GB RAM for single player (shes got some hefty processing) 4-6GB for Server connection.


NOTE: this is a light sized mod meant for older PC's to reach more people as such why we avoid Tech mods as a rule, they tend to be resource heavy and ill suited for most minecrafters.


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