Kingdom of Steel

146 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

a good modpack for rollplay servers!
If you like biomes and exploration this is a great modpack for you!

Also a great modpack for automation and building!


  • more dimensions including "the deep dark dimension" by extra utilities mod
    and the "Twilight Forest" by the Twilight Forest mod
  • a mini-map
  • over a 100 biomes
  • more blocks
  • you can now edit blocks with the chisel and bits mod
  • more armor
  • more tools
  • more automation
  • much more resources
  • more entities
  • more bosses
  • you can now make your own personal custom tool with the tinker's construct mod



!!!please download optifine for better experiences!!!
              (i can't put optifine in the modpack otherwise i would break copyright law)

please be sure to comment what's good and bad about this modpack i really need your opinions!


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