Kinda Crazy Craft 2.0

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Kinda Crazy Craft 2.0


Kinda Crazy Craft 2.0 is currently quite a small modpack with only 52 mods, but I want to add your suggestions. Please suggest your mods in the comments!

Are you ready...

To Explore the World of Kinda Crazy Craft 2.0? This modpack does not have as many bosses as the previous, but it will still be difficult, with lots of new ores, animals, ruins and dungeons, I can guarantee you will enjoy it just as much as the first. I hope to update the modpack regularly with your mod suggestions.


Thank you so much for all the support on the previous modpack, I'm sorry it was so unstable but this one is a lot more stable, and doesn't need as strong as a computer therefore you will encounter less lag thus improving your exploration experience!


Bisect Hosting

Kinda Crazy Craft 2.0 is Partnered with BisectHostingThese servers are ready configured so you don't need to know anything about servers. If you buy a server with my link and use my code 'KCC' you will get  25% off your first month. This modpack is recommended to have at least 4GB to run smoothly.


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