KazLab's Pixelmon Plus

1,451 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

NOTE: You will be Required to Download the Pixelmon 7.0.5 Version from the Official Pixelmon Site.


For More information regarding Pixelmon's Distribution Rights please refer to the Spoiler at the Bottom of the Page.


About The Pack

KazLab's Present Pixelmon Plus For Elowly's Survival Muliplayer Pixelmon Series on Twitch.

This pack is designed with Pixelmon and smaller additions in mind, to cater for a broader audience whom are not required to just play Pixelmon, but have a Greater grasp of other mods that are included.

This pack should be Updated regularly so, Please keep an eye out for that.


Inclusive of this pack is a Lightweight Tech and Adventure mods that you will find listed below, including performance Enhancements.


Pixelmon Screenshots

Here you will find the Screenshots regarding the Pack and of Development

Theses are prone to changing and does not reflect exactly the completed release. Experience may vary.







Installation is pretty standard across CurseForge Packs and Twitch.

The only installation complication you may have (If your new to twitch Client external Mods) is the Downloading and installations of the Pixelmon 7.0.5 Mod that is Required to play this pack as its intended to be played.



> Download Pixelmon from the Official Download site using the Link Below.

> Place the mod in the 'mods' folder within your instance.

  Copy from Downloaded Folder - Open the Profile on Twitch - Click the 3 'Options' Dots on the Right hand side. - "Open Folder" and Paste.

> Then Check to see if mod has appeared in the 'Installed Mods' Tab in the Twitch Launcher.



Server Notes

This Pack is intended to be played in conjunction with Elowly's Twitch Stream thru his Dedicated Server during his Pixelmon Plus Seasons.


Please check out the Discord and have a look for updates in #Minecraft-Server-Info and #Other-Announcements for Updates on next Season!


Elowly's Discord Server

Although by all means play Single Player this pack was designed for Elowly's Twitch Stream. In-order to play on the Server, head over to his Twitch Channel and follow the instructions :)


Elowly's Twitch Channel


Here you'll find the Change's Sequential to Previous Versions, This can also be viewed in the ChangeLog for more Details.




============= MINOR PATCH UPDATE ============

- SERVER - Tweaked Gamerules and Configs

- CONFIG Mekanism
- CONFIG RefinedStorage
- CONFIG MineTweaker
- CONFIG OreTweaker

============= BETA V1.2.3 A2 =================


Let's Get on with the Bit everyone's been waiting for, The Mod List!!! YAAY!



Mod Pack List:








Here you will find the Distribution Rights of Pixelmon as well as the Download Link for Pixelmon from their Official Website.


Click Here to Download Pixelmon Directly from Pixelmon Reforged. (reforged.gg)



Pixelmon Distribution Rights

Distribution of this mod is only permitted to the Pixelmon Mod website, via our downloads page. Redistribution in any form, whether it be public or private modpack, alternate download link, direct download link to the software, or downloading from any location not defined by Pixelmon Mod via the downloads page is strictly prohibited. The administration team reserve the right to define redistribution as they please. Failure or refusal to adhere to this is a violation of Pixelmon Mod intellectual rights, and will be defended either with removal of access to the mod at download, or in severe or larger cases, legal action may be taken.



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