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This pack was to play with me and my friends but others in the public should be able to play on it


This pack is for the people who just want to mess around with random mods, such as magic and tech and adventure and maybe just to blow some people up

It has JEI so that you can search up all the items and if your in cheat mode, spawn them in

It has Botania so you have some magic items and 2 bosses

It also has some usefull tech mods like building wands(and items[building gadgets]), destruction items[destruction gadgets], power mods


This modpack also has some random things such as a time in a bottle, as you build up time ingame (and its in your inventory) it fills up and you can then use that time to tick accelerate machines to make them run faster, it also has mods like Angel Ring which allows you to have a sort of creative flight this is very useful because you can fly around like your in creative but you dont get the creative inventory.