Josh A's Zombie Apocalypse

  • 10 mods to make your gameplay more realistic

  • lots of guns u can get

  • get guns kill off zombies get loot and try to survive as long as possible

this is a zombie Apocalypse mod that i got inspired from a ModPack called Menethis's Zombie Apocalypse so I decided to make my own. in this ModPack u can get guns loot up get weapons heals and kill zombies as if it was a real Zombie Apocalypse

just like Chaos Craft 1.1 i am going to be listing all of the mods down below:

EnhancedVisuals, MrCrayfish's Vehicle Mod, CreativeCore, Extra Utilities, Level Up HP (Forge), Obfuscate, Shadowfacts' Forgelin, ShadowMC, The Lost Cities, Vic's Modern Warfare Mod [Discontinued