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Jiji's Jumble Bundle

Hello! This is my ModPack of handpicked Mod Suites for my Streamer/Gamer Friends to use:


- Such mods include Biome Makeover & Oh the biomes you'll go, Galosphere, which all enhance vanilla minecraft biomes and structures like woodland mansions,
as well as adding an incredible amount of new biomes to discover; from Cherry Blossoms to Skyris's Pale Blue & Pink Trees and Galosphere's Crystal & Lichen Caves.
- Better End & Better Nether will also play a part in enchancing the landscape of your bland netherack or endstone landscapes,
from even lusher nether forests & jungles to much more awe inspiring aurora crystal mountains in the end outer islands.
- Full suite of YUNG's revamped structures from enhanced Nether Fortresses, End Portal Strongholds and other vanilla structures.
- Macaw's Decoration Suite as well as Bits & Chisels to really allow us players to finely tune our homes furnishings.
- Croptopia, Croparia, Farmer's Delight and a few more Food related mods to let players express their farmville addiction.
- Botania(Flowers/Elven Magic) & Gobber(Mining/Utilities/Gear) both provide fun and exciting methods to approach minecraft,
like using Mana Pools & Alchemy to change items into different forms, or Gathering gobber materials to make really strong and fun tools and armor.
- Marium's Souls Like Weaponry, Bosses of mass destruction; for a bit more hardcore or chaotic fun, there are massive bosses scattered throughout all dimensions,
dropping priceless loot, materials to make incredible items as well as 50+ insane weapons or tools from both mods combined
- Ad Astra, for those who want to explore beyond the atmosphere comes this mod, rocket to the moon, mars, venus and a handful of other planets!
This mod also comes with a set of new armors that take oxygen for obvious reasons, some also with thruster packs?!
- MyLoot, Things & Artifacts. MyLoot makes it so majority of loot chests are individualized per player, so the looting experience will always be there if youre a new player and you find an already rummaged vilalge or dungeon.
As for Things & Artifacts, those are tools you can craft or find in loot chests that grant players special abilities, from extra reach or jump height, to full on poison or fire immunity.
- Modern Industrialization & Create Mod Suite, for the more techy side of things we have Create's incredible moving machine & mechanism ecosystem as well as Modern Industrializations handy set of tools from Steam Powered Furnaces, Grinders and even the ability to make Quarries for mining!
- Mythic Metals paired with Alloy Forgery, yet another mod providing more variety to your mining/smithing experience with a whole batch of new colorful armor, tools and weapons, some of which with special effects!
- Simply Swords will also be around, allowing players to make custom weapons instead of just the vanilla sword, from Chakrams, Rapiers, Great Axes and my personal favorite, the Halberd! This mod also integrates with the new Metals from Mythic Metals & Gobber!
- Winged Mod is here as well, allowing players to make a variety of different wings to apply to their character permanently(stays on even after death! unless you use a ritual knife to remove or change wings...) from rainbow, vex, angel wings and the stunning Fried Chicken Wings!
Focus Mod: Cobblemon! Even with all those amazing biome, gear and structure enhancing mods we are able to also have hundreds of pokemon sprawling around! Gather Apricorns off trees to make Pokeballs of all colors, types, usages, even an expensive nether star requiring Master Ball! Catch your favorite pokemon from different evolutions, generations as well as shiny and alolan forms! Fight pokemon in the open world or versus friends! collect pokemon and provide items, heal and level as you would in any pokemon game!