This Modpack adds new helicopters, jets and weapons to your game.


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You can

  • 🏭build big military bases with mod like Chisel and Malisis Doors,
  • 🌽equip your team using food mods like Pam's Harvestcraft and Agricraft,
  • 🔧automate your production using tech mods like Thermal Series and Minefactory Reloaded and
  • 🔫fight your enimies to the death using MCHeli or Modern Warfare.


If you are a passive player, you can get rich by building a factory to produce and sell weapons, food, vehicles or other products to the fighting parties. The modpack includes a custom made server run by the german modpack network KettleMC.net.



Important: Because of the MCHeli mod, you should use Optifine because the vehicles will shiver around if you don't install it.
When starting the modpack for the first time, you will be reminded to install Optifine.