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Janky Skyblock



Janky skyblock is a skyblock pack, You start in the clouds on a small island. Through the use of mods such as water strainer, create and more you can build the world as you see fit. Work your way through the included achievements and travel to the Nether then eventually  The End, Make jetpacks, complex automation systems or just become a mad chemist with the mod Alchemistry.


The world is yours to create!


Just be aware, things can get a little Janky in the sky!



This pack includes a default world, Please be sure to make a copy of the included world or rename it otherwise your world will be deleted when the pack updates! 


 A special thanks to all my supporters past and present on patreon! Without their help this pack and the associated public servers would not be possible!     



Thanks to Voodoobeard for giving me permission to include his quarry datapack in the pack, his datapack tutorials allowed me to make this pack. You can check out his other datapacks here.   And to Darkphan for providing the fantastic images of his base for art 


For help, support or to report bugs please visit my discord, FriedBees

We run public servers for this and many other packs along with a friendly community that will help you out if you get stuck in the pack.





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