ItsTheB: Eternal War

61 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 31, 2021 Game Version: 1.12.2   +1
WARNING: YOU MIGHT LOSE YOUR FRIENDS! If you have some that is...

Ever wanted to commit genocide against your friends? Yes? Then craft tanks and guns to slaughter them all!


Enjoy the relaxing ambiente with Dynamic Surroundings!

Craft Historical World War Two Tanks and Weapons with Flan's mod!

Grief your friends base with high explosives found in HBM! (Note: Don't do that if you want to keep your friends)

Or build a Base and decorate it with Chinjufu, Fairy Lights or mrcrayfish's furniture mod just to name a few.

But maybe settling down isn't your style then become a carthograph and fill that world map with Antique Atlas.

While exploring use your Travellers Backpack for maximal comfort and a bigger Inventory for all that annoying cobble.

You died while exploring? Dont worry your items will be stored in a corpse that resembles you! Am I just a clone??

Dont forget little Quark tho! Quark adds... I dont even know what it adds. Probably Small changes tho!


Thats not all tho but I wont bore you with this long text anymore because the only person reading this will probably be just that one Curseforge moderator who told me to change my descripition. Is it better now? I sure hope so...


This modpack was initially for me and my friends to play with but we had so much fun that I decided to share it on curseforge.




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