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Uploaded Jun 14, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2  
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* Quest fixes and editing may have a possibility of clearing your current quest progress. To fix this issue: Use the command "/hqm edit" in-game and shift-click and finished quests to resume your progress
* For Servers: enable the "Allow Nether" option in the server properties file. If set to false, you will be unable to travel to Advanced Rocketry planets/moons
* Turned down the Raider level that max health is reached to 7 instead of 8, they will have less health on average. Some raiders will still have a large amount of health rarely
* Added Carbon Dust to the oredictionary for black dye
* Another attempt to fix overlapping wand recipes. It's fixed, but I probably broke something else
* Added in recipes for the Pressure Tanks from Advanced Rocketry
* Fixed the structure spamming the console with "Skipping Entity with id Wasp"
* Removed the Wired mod chest loot
* Fixed the recipe for the Carbon Collection Cartridges to be craftable along with the: Station Light, Ore Mapper, and Beacon
* Turns out the Mob Masher will not work due to another mod treating it as a player. I've disabled the recipes and removed it from JEI so players do not become confused
* Raiders should now drop the correct loot
* Most mods have been updated to their latest versions and this should mark a final update for the modpack

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