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1.0.6 Changelog

* Quest fixes and editing may have a possibility of clearing your current quest progress. To fix this issue: Use the command "/hqm edit" in-game and shift-click and finished quests to resume your progress
* Removed the wither teleport ability
* Added the Level Up mod to allow players to use XP towards various skills
* Actually fixed the MKII generators to not use dragon's breath!
* Added a number of new structures and edited many existing
* The Mob Masher now actually works! It was a conflict with the levels mod!
* The saga of editing Voxel prices continues! ID changes caused some items to have a much, much, much lower value than I intended for them. They are now properly adjusted. Also! I fixed another exploit! /me adds a check to the wall
* Changed the way Cyberware upgrades act on player death. When the player dies, Cyberware upgrades are dropped on the ground and the player respawns with no upgrades. The reason behind this was, players would permanently cause blindness or lose an arm which would end their world. Now, you won't necessarily lose your stuff as long as you run back and pick it up within 5 minutes or it SHOULD spawn in your grave, too. Yes, I know this allows you to get 2 of an upgrade, but I'd rather have that than end a world (This only affects new worlds you have to run the "/gamerule cyberware_dropCyberware true" and "/gamerule cyberware_keepCyberware false")
* Added the "Suspended Server" mod to stop servers from continuing progress when no one is online (Server Side Only)
* Cyberware HUD now shows properly
* Sleeping is now disabled again by removing the Surge mod (this was always meant to be off so please do not send bug reports telling me you cannot sleep)
* Added OreGen to the Luna Dimension
* Edited a number of recipes to use OreDictionary for Black Dye rather than Ink Sacs only
* Removed the Coal Powder to Coal Block recipe due to duplication bugs
* Fixed the French Fries recipe to not consume the Knife
* Removed the Extra Utils 2 Builder's Wand due to a HUGE duplication bug that is extremely exploitable
* Better Builder Wands should not allow the
* Added Xnet for piping/cable options
* Added a recipe to get Spider Eyes from Camel Spiders, found in Sand
* Removed the SoulBound enchant, due to a conflict with the Levels mod, on death, Soulbound items using an Enchantment Table/Anvil would be deleted. So, You technically never had Soulbound and should be thanking me for saving your items. Also, any items currently in your world with Soulbound will not be deleted. The Bagginses mod has its own Soulbound enchant that will persist through an update, but won't let you craft any more. Iron Backpack eternity upgrades are still usable and will persist through death. The Levels mod has its own Soulbound enchant that you can buy with enough experience levels, this SHOULD work correctly
* Glass Bottles will no longer pickup infinite amounts from a flowing source, and should not pickup from non-water sources
* Added the Scannable mod. It allows the player to use a scanner to find blocks, enemies, friendly animals, etc. in the world. They are obtainable as rare loot in Drop Beacons
* Removed extra flour items due to avoid confusion
* Finally managed to remove the Advanced Rocketry plate presser recipes to avoid confusion for the player
* Disabled instant death when drowning
* Ranged Pumps now only have a 96 block radius as opposed to a 128 block radius. This should help keep the pump in control and not have to scan through a lot of non-water blocks
* Added Ice, Packed Ice, and Snow to the Void Resource Miner lists
* Added a recipe for the Progressive Automation Cobblegen using Clay Buckets
* Digging Raiders are now pushed back to day 16, They will have diamond tools on day 24, and tnt on day 32
* Many existing structures have been edited to fit more naturally into the environment and a TON of new structures have been added to the worldgen
* Most definitely, totally removed the WTF Expedition's Recipe Guide Table this time!
* A remote to call down a group of friendly raiders every 20 minutes has been placed in random loot chests in structures
* Brute Raiders drop a serum that allows you to craft a buff item turning you into a brute temporarily
* Removed a lot of console spam

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