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1.0.5 Changelog
* Quest fixes and editing may have a possibility of clearing your current quest progress. To fix this issue: Use the command "/hqm edit" in-game and shift-click and finished quests to resume your progress.
* Added furnace recipes for Gears to be smelted back into their respective ingots
* Increased the amount of damage turrets inflict
* Added some helpful information to the Razor Wire quest
* Increased a few quest reward items throughout the book
* Increased the chance for Nether variant dungeons
* Removed the Mob Masher and all its upgrades until I can get it working again
* Laser Creepers and other mobs should now obey light levels and spawn groups much more than previous versions
* Fixed up the Water Strainer loot tables
* Death Coordinates will now be displayed in chat for all players to see
* Due to complaints about how much ore players get back when scrapping armor, I lowered the amounts you get
* Little Looter Wire Cutters should no longer be the victim of a dupe bug
* Fixed a few typos in the Quest Book
* Dark Oak Wood should now work in a Cutting Machine
* Removed the Torch to Stick scrapping recipe
* Moved the Advanced Rocketry GUI's to locations not on top of other GUI's
* Fixed Carving Tools having overlapping recipes
* MK2 and MK3 Simple Generators now use other items besides Dragon's Breath

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