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1.0.3 Changelog
* Raiders, Animals, Drones, and Laser Creeper mod mobs should now obey vanilla-like lighting and not spawn in your base any longer. This also marks an entire overhaul to the mob spawning system. We discovered a bug introduced to the pack before public release 1.0 that took some time for the developers to go through, identify, fix, and then make it consistent across all the mods spawning custom mobs. You should not see hordes of enemies that were in previous versions.
* Laser Creeper weapons now do more damage when used by the player
* Ranged Pump now requires energy to run
* Raiders health increase on difficulty increases is slightly lowered, they should have less health as the levels increase. They will also max out on health on difficulty level 6, this should cap their health off at around 70HP on average (You'll still see the occasional high health raider)
* Slightly lowered the Pyromaniac spawn weighting
* Added a recipe for a Witch Soul Vial, allowing the player to obtain the Inventory Panel
* Player Drone health has been increased from 15 to 20
* Fixed the Flight Simulator wheels to use any black dye
* Added furnace recipes to convert metal plates to ingots
* Added SAG Mill and Crusher recipes to break down Air Drops and Cauldrons into Iron Dust
* Added a recipe to convert Red Sandstone to 4 Red Sand
* Removed the easy Steel recipe
* Switched out the Simple Generator quest to make the Extra Utils Furnace Gen due to the lack of cables at that point in the modpack. Simple Gens needs a cable to connect to turrets while Extra Utils Gens do not
* Acacia and Dark Oak Logs now obey gravity rules
* Fixed up the recipe for the EnderIO Soul Binder, it will now use any mob heads
* Added a number of metal rods to the Rod Ore Dictionary lists, should now allow any type of metal rods to be used in most recipes
* The Scanning Tool from MineColonies should no longer have an overwritten recipe
* The quest requiring a holo-projector should now turn in even after selecting a structure
* Lowered the total amount of many Crafting Tasks in the Quest book due to Shift-Clicking only recognizing 1 item if the crafting operation resulted in multiple outputs
* Added a few crafting recipes to turn Quartz Blocks into Quartz using Ex Nihilo Hammers
* Rice Slimeballs are once again craftable, enjoy! This is your one change that adds a little tiny bit of fun. BUT THAT'S ALL YOU GET!
* Because of the previously mentioned change, Duct Tape now takes an act of god to craft. Yay! Fun removed!
* Fixed Fruit Juice to now require a glass bottle, because how will you drink liquid if it's not in a container?!
* Turned on Cyberware parts persisting through death
* WTF Cave Expedition has been split into two separate mods: Gravity and other gameplay tweaks exist in its own mod now. The random occurance of players logging in and seeing ice and sand blocks in their bases or already generated terrain should not happen any longer. World loading should be a bit faster due to optimizations to these mods.
* HQM has added a fix to the Soulbound death loop issue, this should not occur any longer. There's also a fix for a multiplayer server to use the correct locations for questing data
* Some recipes allowing multiple types of ingots now use Aluminum
* Removed some non CyberWare items from the air drop to allow players more opportunity for cyber parts
* Disabled hardcore days, for now
* Disabled turret camouflage to try eliminate a crash
* Fixed the Japanese Style House so it doesn't spawn in and burn down immediately
* Increased the total number of Hardened Blocks you get from a single crafting operation from 1 to 16
* The server timing when mobs start appearing, gaining abilities, and difficulty increases have all been made consistent across mobs. Raiders, Animalium, and Drones run off the same timing now. This should fix issues servers were having when setting the time backwards and mobs were spawning before the correct time
* Emerald Armor from Actually Additions has been added back to the pack, you can also upgrade it to Emeradic Armor using the Atomic Reconstructor
* Increased the damage of Immersive Engineering projectile weapons
* The Rope Bridge mod will no longer Zoom in other player's screens on servers
* You can level up to 10 max levels on weapons and armor now
* Backported NEI, CodeChickenCore, CodeChickenLib, and Translocators due to a crash when looking up recipes or uses of certain items

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