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Uploaded Mar 30, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2  
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1.0.2 Changelog
* §Disabled HQM edit mode


1.0.1 Changelog
* Fixed the server issue by changing ExtraUtils2.cfg to extrautils2.cfg, Linux is very sensitive about letter casings!
* Increased the burn time of Creeper laser blaster fire to 2 seconds and increased the attack damage from 7 to 9
* Removed some disabled items in JEI and removed some more unnecessary recipes
* Edited the one probe bauble recipe to not use diamonds
* Fixed sticks recipes not showing up properly
* Slightly increased the normal and hard mode chance for Raiders to wear armor/have weapons
* You now get 2 Diamonds from the metal press Coal Coke recipe
* Added a Diamond Dust to Emerald Dust Atomic Reconstructor recipe along with some other new item upgrades
* Lowered the number of blocks Sound Filters will check from 512 to 256. This should slightly increase performance
* Fixed the language button not showing up in the correct place on the main title screen
* Fixed SAG Mill recipes not working properly
* Created alternate Silicon recipes to make Advanced Rocketry a bit easier
* Raiders should now properly spawn, meaning dogs, bears, and rats should not spawn quite as often
* Fixed unusable Nether Quartz Dropping from certain stone blocks
* Added a few new quests to help players with new mechanics
* Another attempt at making questing mode activate automatically without the player having to go into cheat mode
* Fixed the Building Tool, Builder Wands, and Spear recipe overlaps
* Rebalanced some of the Voxel values
* AIOT recipes should now be fixed and all craftable
* Voxel item cheesing has now been stopped! No more free items! >:D
* Added a recipe for the Vanilla Crafting table that's meant for any recipes or mods requiring the Vanilla table only. If you try to cheese this to get "infinite" crafting tables, you'll be surprised to find out it auto converts when interacted with. Use it only for mods needing them
* Removed some of the nested recipes Modular Turrets use
* Disabled mouse scroll item movement for the time being while another mod makes a change, this will be re-enabled when the bug is fixed
* Gold tools should now breakdown using wire cutters
* Fixed the Space Suit quest not turning in
* Fixed the Void Ore Miner! It now actually gets ores!
* Completely removed the stagger combat mechanic
* Removed an extra Blaze Rod recipe that was not needed
* Removed some uncrafting recipes due to duplication bugs
* Added an Atomic Reconstructor recipe to turn Clay into Lapis
* Edited the Shipping Bin recipe a bit

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