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1.0 Changelog
* Attempted to remove Bat Wings from appearing in a number of loot tables
* Cleaned up the extra recipes for a number of items like sticks, flint and steel, and shears
* JEI item hiding and cleanup
* Edited the Sensor Card recipes for Open Modular Turrets to not include the items before it and reducing resource cost slightly
* Reduced the amount of bolts received from quest rewards
* Adding the Cauldron to the list of items that can be scrapped on the chopping block
* Edited the main title screen a bit to move the buttons a bit lower
* Slightly lowered wild animal spawn rates
* Jetpack spiders now spawn 2 days earlier
* Decreased the resistance timer from 35 to 20 seconds


0.9.14 Changelog
* Due to me starting too many chests on fire and losing my things, chests will now NO LONGER start on fire!
* F3 should now actually work! Wooooo
* Recipes changes
* Edited the amount of power the Simple Generators Lava uses to be more efficient
* Empty Soul Vials are now returned to the player upon crafting Soul Sand
* Gears are now only obtained through the Metal Press
* Switched some emphasis onto Lapis rather than Redstone in Actually Additions to ease the burden on player's Redstone inventory
* Smiley Cloud now has a recipe again!
* Fixed the creosote bucket ore dictionary issue
* Edited the Atomic Reconstructor to rely less on RNG
* Fixed some quests not properly turning in
* Finally remembered to add a Gunpowder recipe that's actually attainable
* Raiders will now spawn again on days 2 and 4, this will help the player get a bit more established before getting absolutely destroyed


0.9.13 Changelog
* On death, the player should receive another HQM book. This is not a dupe bug, it's intended since players keep losing their books
* You should not receive an extra quest book when questing mode is active


0.9.12 Changelog
* This time I actually included the resource pack
* Updated the Raiders mod, there's now more overlays, digging doesn't start until day 8, and they don't carry diamond tools until day 24
* HQM Multiplayer should now work as intended
* Converted air drop ingots to Immersive Engineering ingots
* Cleaned up the custom scripts files


0.9.11 Changelog
* Added back the WTF-Expedition resource pack using a different method, one that does not cause crashes on first load
* Removed empty bullets from Air Drops
* Beds should now work day/night and give the correct message at any time

0.9.10 Changelog
* Fixed Water Strainer spamming consoles with complaints
* Edited the Raider values for digging and TNT to be a bit lower
* HQM fixes for multiplayer
* Decreased the chance that many blocks will fall due to gravity
* Slightly lowered the spawn rate of dogs, Rats, and increased Piranha rates
* TNT carrying mobs now start spawning on Day 24 instead of 16
* Added more days to the No-Raider Days to mid-late game
* Went through and removed some more console spam
* Fixed an issue where the Immersive Engineering molds were not using OreDictionaried Steel
* Edited the first quest of the pack to allow the player to choose a weapon they want to start with
* Added Aluminum back to the air drop table
* Removed Railcraft due to the inability to remove cooking iron nuggets in steel nuggets in a vanilla furnace. This is a huge game breaking mechanic that cannot be easily turned off due to the fact that certain mods need steel nuggets that don't have the ability to customize recipes. All recipes and removals of steel nuggets have been added back to the game
* OreDictionared all metal rod recipes


0.9.9 Changelog
* Torches now start your stuff on fire! Have fun!
* Crafting tables are no longer fireproof!
* Increased Raider speed a bit during the daytime
* Reduced the number of TNT carrying Raiders
* Allowed the placement of ores again, this is crucial to a quest mid game
* Clicking on a bed during daytime no longer resets your spawn, you should be able to set your spawn location using a bed any time of the day
* Revamped the spawning weights a bit
* Fixed the Steel quest giving a reward of another mod's steel
* Edited a number of quest descriptions to be a bit more clear


0.9.8 Changelog
* Fixed the Compressed Cobblestone not breaking down into Vanilla Cobblestone
* Removed the excess recipes to make flint
* Halved the amount of bolts you can receive from crafting
* Switched out the loot table of the Motel structure to not spawn Immersive Engineering Blueprints


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