Into the Otherworld

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A vast expanse stretches before you, seemingly endless in its mystique. The longer you gaze upon it, the more inviting it seems. However, before you step through the portal, a hand stops you. You turn to see the stern face of your mentor, silently warning you of the dangers to come. You have already prepared yourself for the trials that await in this strange new land. You nod to your mentor, acknowledging the warning, and brace yourself as you stride through the portal. As you turn back, you find that there is nothing but more land to explore. Shouldering your pack, you can't help but feel a pang of apprehension at the notion that you may never be able to return, but this was your choice and no one else's. Steeling your resolve, you stride confidently out... Into the Otherworld.


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Hello, and thank you for your interest in this little modpack of mine! Into the Otherworld is a pack several years in the making, dating all the way back to 2015 in its first incarnation as a 1.7.10 pack. It's always been something of a personal project, more for myself and my friends than the public at large. This is the latest edition of that pack, brought into the modern era for all to enjoy. While this is still for friends, this particular release is more for the purposes of streaming on Twitch. Primarily, to hand out to stream viewers who are interested. So, I'm sure the question's on your mind, then:


What is Into the Otherworld about?

Honestly, that's the beauty of it. Into the Otherworld is about what you make of it. I see countless modpacks with quest books that essentially play the game for you or lead you down a linear path, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with that, I've always felt that doing things yourself is infinitely more rewarding. While I don't believe in the super hardcore method, I have tried to make this modpack as non-handholdy as possible without sacrificing quality of life. This pack aims to combine progression with freedom, allowing you to build, discover things, explore, and make your mark on the world as you see fit. Nothing is locked behind quests or arbitrary progression gates.


Despite how I've been talking it up thus far, this pack isn't intended to be anything super game-changing or ground-breaking. It's just a collection of mods that I've had a lot of fun with, and that I feel really enhances the core feeling of Minecraft. There's a little something for everyone, whether you like building factories, railroad systems, or magical research stations. This is hardly a professional endeavor - just some guy with an idea.


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