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Intencia is a light weight Minecraft modpack for version 1.16.5. This is not a kitchen sink pack, but includes a nice balance of mods that highlight the way my family likes to play. Gameplay is centered around tech mods like Tinkers Construct and Mekanism, while providing for farming and food-related mods like Cooking and Farming for Blockheads and Pam's Harvestcraft. Also included are mods for enhancing enchantments and growing ores with Mystical Agriculture, as well as some adventure and exploration mods with a few utility and QoL additions as well. We enjoy building interesting structures and bases, so there are some mods that add features for inventive building as well. I would like to install this on my server and offer it to our neighborhood community to play, and would like to use the Curseforge system to make client installation easier for our neighbors.


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