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Cool Custom Main Menu? Check.

Cool custom Better Questing themes? Check.

Cool customized content not found in other packs? Check.


This is Integration By Parts. Two and a half years in the making, and whittled down to a sole dev project, here we are. 
Main idea of modpack: A pack that is meant to make you think. Expert but without a large grind. No 8-hour wait times or high-singularity endgames. New multiblocks everywhere and custom automation challenges that make you really know the ins and outs of the mods youre using. Armed with a Wrench, Wand, and TI-84 (not included or sponsored) you will use your knowledge to see the mods you know in a new light.

Major features that set the pack apart:
Custom dungeons on Extra Planets and Galacticraft worlds, complete with rewards you cannot obtain otherwise in the pack.
Less grindy rockets that get upgraded instead of replaced at a lower cost
Modular Machinery spread throughout to make old tasks more efficient
Remixes! You think you know the chapter you just completed well? Try for the chapter remix! It will put your automation skills to the test. Either do it now or save it for when you have more materials, just make sure you do it before the end.
A big supply of new BQ themes! Don't like using Standard Dark every time? Don't worry!
Premade base options for those that don't like to build! A building block creator for those that love it!

Custom structures scattered across many dimensions!

The endgame isn't the standard creative item laundry list you see in a lot of other packs. See if you can complete the fearsome Final Remix!


Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/nQss77r
Please submit bug reports through there.