Installation Route is "master mode" modpack, focused on automation in limited space.
(Check out Installation Route 2 demo: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/installation-route-2)

"Master mode" means that the difficulty of overall progression is set beyond most of expert packs, escalating quickly and relaying on logistical puzzles and challenges rather than recipe dumps.




- This pack can run on 1 GB of RAM and an average processor. Fun is for everyone!

- While being a skyblock, Installation Route features a completely new way of acquiring resources - limited fabricators! Those little things generate infinite amount of a specific resource, but it does it on fixed rate, meaning that you are always in danger of running out of materials to make your next project.

         - Can you find all upgrades for those fabricators?

- While quests are present, but there isn't quite as many as you may except. The pack strives to be conservative, but exhaustive with its questing; you get the overall feeling of progression and can do side-quests to get utility rewards, but you don't need to collect every possible item... right?

- The big intergration between Thermal Expansion and Botania will make you produce both mana and RF in considerable quantities for powering up ore procession, agriculture, mob farming and other interesting things! The new gimmick of TE is the lack of energy storage on its machines: gotta supply all your dynamos to run your factory, otherwise all the processors will halt almost immediately!

         - Botania gets significantly touched as well: early game is reworked to fit the skyblock nature and slower pace, you get Petro Petunia for a mid-game mana gen option and the  Orechid and Loonium got completely reworked!

- Item transport got significantly harder! You don't have AE2 or RS for easy autocrafting and storage, so you need to learn Corporea basics, Thermal Logistics and Buildcraft gates to keep going.

- You also get a lot of complicated, but fun to automate recipes, like Terrasteel, runes, midgame machines and bunch of other things, including the fearsome Ultimate Ingot!

FactoryTech makes his appearance as mid-game difficult mod, powered by details. While you can get your first Rough tier of details with help of Thermal, more efficient parts come only from FT itself. Although you won't be disappointed by efficiency of those weird machines, as they produce various powerful machines and can spend less time on processing than RF mechanisms.

- Oh right, and there is a ton of custom items and blocks! They range from regular fancy materials to fully functional tools!

- The progression of Installation Route is split into several chapters, named Parts. They are separated by doing big projects, involving big amount of resources and time to complete. There is 3 main Parts and one optional Part with fun content like money and personal computers!

Mob spawning is completely under your control and you don't need to worry about a hungerJust keep going at this modpack that tests your logistical thinking!

- Two Extended Crafting tables got rebranded into Engineering Table and DNA Project Table. The former allows you to massively cut costs for valuable automation components and is needed for endgame recipes, while the latter is needed to spawn most of mobs by writing their DNA and replicating it!

- Craft the Reality Breaker to escape the box that was holding you you since beginning and experience the real world!


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