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Infinity Evolved: Reloaded


Good old FTB Infinity Evolved but updated to 1.12. 

> Including the iconic Expert mode!
> 250+ quests! Credits to Aaronhowser1 for making the original quests.
> Join our Discord server for news, updates and support! 


Infinity Evolved is an all purpose modpack created by the FTB Team, 8 years ago already. This modpack is a general-purpose modpack containing more than 180 mods. It is designed for an average player, who wants all kinds of mods of different styles. Due to it still being a popular modpack but outdated, this one is updated to 1.12.2. An Infinity Evolved 2 if you will. Retaining almost all features of the original 1.7.10 version, even Expert mode!

Some of the iconic mods in Infinity Evolved: Reloaded: Thermal Foundation/Expansion/Dynamics, Applied Energistics 2, Bewitchment (Witchery successor), Biomes 'O Plenty, Thaumcraft, Draconic Evolution, Forestry, Magic Bees and Gendustry, Industrial Craft 2, RFTools (Dimensions) and much, much more! Check our modslist.


Almost everything is still preset. Everything looks new but is also strangely familiar to Infinity Evolved players.



To enable Expert mode:
Go into Options, then Pack-Mode to switch packmode. Follow this up with a client restart. Alternatively, use the command '/packmode expert' ingame. Use '/packmode normal' to switch back. You have to restart your client right after you switched packmode in order for the new recipes to be loaded.

When using Expert mode on servers, make sure to set your own client to Expert mode too, else recipes will be wrongly displayed ingame. All clients wishing to join an Expert mode server, will have to set their own clients to Expert mode in singleplayer beforehand (followed up by a restart of the client)!


This modpack needs a minimum of 5 GB of RAM allocated to run, but 6-8 GB is recommended.

This modpack is also stable on small to medium sized servers. 

For servers: a minimum of 5 GB of RAM is also recommended. Use between 8 and 12 GB for optimum peformance.
We provide serverpacks for every update, as well as manual server updating instructions. Not up for the hassle of running your own server? Host your server with our partner, BisectHosting, and use promocode 'Sander' for 25% off.

Do note: we are not affiliated with FTB and it is provided as a fan project. 


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Also if you have any suggestions or experiencing any issues, please do not hesitate to contact me on Discord via our Discord server or directly, Sander#4897.