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Ever feel like the original vanilla experience just isn't cutting it for you anymore, but still want to keep your game vanilla?

if so then this is the modpack for you!

this modpack is designed to be completely compatible with any old world or vanilla server while greatly improving on the overall feel of minecraft 

with many popular mods such as.....


- Dynamic Sound Filters for improving immersion when exploring like adding reverb to caves and muffled sounds in water!

- Presence Footsteps for adding that little touch of realism to your every day activities adding footsteps that sound different depending on the block you walking on!

- Terralith 2.0 for an incredible revamped world generation experience and an addition of 80+ new biomes all while not adding a single new modded block to the game!

- Amplified Nether for an incredible looking revamped nether with double the max height of the nether!

- Nullscape giving a revamped end dimension with a variety of biomes

- Sodium for improved fps and performance while playing!

- Iris Shader with the beautiful complementary shaders pack already included!

- Stay True Texture Pack for an amazing new and improved minecraft look while still keeping the original minecraft style!

- And more!


 //Please remember to enable the resource packs when opening the game as it is part of the intended experience// 

 /Please also comment any feedback or issues you experienced with the modpack and i will try my best to fix them/



I hope you enjoy this modpack, i plan to make more modpacks in the future so if you enjoy this stay tuned for bigger and better modpacks coming :)


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