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This Modpack Has Better Trees And New Mobs And Biomes, Futuristic And Old Technology With Mekanism And Create Mods

Some Really Interesting Facts About The Modpack:


It Features Blood Magic And Cool Scrolls And Magic!
It Also Features Advanced Technology And Really Powerful Tools With The Draconic Evolution Mod

And It Also Features The DruidCraft Mod Witch Adds Skeleton Armor And Cool New Mobs Called Beetles Which Drop An Item That Can Be Used To Make A Powerful Set Of Armor And Tools
And Also Adds In Moonstone Witch Is Basicly Diamond But More Lite And Less Strong

I Hope This Modpack Will Be Fun For All Of You!

If You Want Me To add something Or Have Any Questions About The Modpack You Can Contact Me On Discord: KrakenDev#8998
Or You Could Comment On This Page

A Public Server Will Soon Be Released On This Modpack


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