Hypixel Premium

6,919 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

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This is a version of MC++ designed to be compatible with the Hypixel server. 

Want to play on other servers with full MC++?


All of the mods you need to have the best Hypixel experience, from the most expensive gaming PC to the i3 laptop.


  • FPS Boost
  • No more Invalid Session errors
  • Fast Install - Easy start
  • Easy controls and keybind setup
  • Custom GUI scaling
  • Custom menu

This pack assembled by L33Tech. Constant updates!

List of some of the included Mods and Features

  1. BetterFPS by Guichaguri
    •  Improves framerate on some computers
    • Smoother gameplay
  2. Controlling by jaredlll08
    • Much needed keybind menu features
  3. ReAuth by TechnicianLP
    • Saves you from the "INVALID SESSION" error.
  4.  TipTheScales by jaredlll08
    • Adds GUI scale customization.
  5.  Custom Backgrounds by lumien231
    • Allows you to change menu backgrounds
  6. Custom Main Menu by lumien231
    • Allows you to modify the game screen with code and images.
  7. Its the little things by zlepper
    • Pack wrapping tools (You wont run into this)
  8.  Resource Packs to make fire lower and more PvP features!

All these features overall improve your gameplay in many ways and improve your experience on the Hypixel server.


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