Howdy do we do?

Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Oct 19, 2018

Owner: Normal69

Howdy do we do?, in hungarian translation spells: "hogy ityeg a fityeg?".


As the pack was missing sorely for more tech than Immersive Engineering, I continue to make beta level versions till all lag is gone, and there are no errors.


Beside the obivious mods you see in there, there are pre-configured randks in FTB-Utilities where you can set your firends as Player.


For avoiding problems, MK2-3 Energy Collectors, Watch of Flowing time, Dark Matter Pedestal from ProjectE are forbidden and cannot be placed. You still can use them for recipe-components.


The command /back went to death point function, so Player ranked people have 2 homes now for seamless combination of home-building, and adventuring/mining.

All other useful commands are in the welcoming motd message.


Each player also can make and reuse exactly one dimension from RFTools via the following commands:
- /rftdim list shows you which # identifies your dimension
- you then get out the dimension matrix from the dimension builder, and recycle it in the machine you've put it together
- then use /rftdim safedel # for deleting your dimension

- after that you can make a new one in stead of the old


 For the old magic release level pack:

Set new world generator to either Dooglamoo options!


Now with a multiplayer server, where you would be experimented on more.

See the changelogs! (do not wait for the ping, just join)


Wanted to learn the new Thaumcraft, so the points of the plan were, and still are:

-a magical themed modpack for 1.12.2 with Thaumcraft 6

-keep in as few mods in as interestingly possibble

-make a new angle on the game, avoid usual "treepuncher" starts which gave Steve a brutal rumor

-try not to use usual mods, magic should be mystical, tech should be complicated

-in the name of the above try somehow make resources worth the exploration

-encourage adventuring, knowing the land

-try to sfuff in as much as life of quality mods as you can, from client interfaces to server antilag tools and building insurances

-it's good to have a story

-no hardening mods like Tough as nails, or variable foods needed

-expand the available commands

-avoid unnecessary grinding
-develop configuration and gameplay in stream to enchant idea interaction

-when all is perfect throw in at least one mod which is exempt from those rules above - at worst you take it out (in this case, Aether 2, the unicorn magic, and bestof)

Concept story:

You are the brave scout from our national army, who heroically volunteered to be catapulted into a paralel reality to obtain the resources which are not or limitedly able to be accessed from our industrial heavy world.

You've most fastidiously agreeed to the possibility of never returning which is harmonically concurrent with our wishes of secrecy.


After a drunken contest and much brawling you've get your consciousness back in your cybernetically strenghtened body (no consent from you) in a huge, seemingly uninhabited planet.

Luckily you have a quantum compressed storage and crafting system, while your new neural implants are ready to process a complicated skill tree, and a limited self-teleportation system.

Also you have the knowledge to reach back home and able to build factories and matter transmitters to sell stuff back home and acquire the resources necessary for your continued existence.

 Teaser video with information:



To survive:

Knowing the lay of the land, the usual plant life which are associated with a specific type of resource is cruical in your survival, as are the abovementioned systems.

Luckily again, while you don't know how to use anything from above (and hopefully you run and check on your inventory and options now, also using /help 1) your spawning system works safely, losing only the items you haven't had inside the quantum storage field (which by the way can be expanded eating apples, and can be shared between friends), but our onboard mapping computer provides a /back point.

An advice:

Look thru the keybind options, also read the changelog or suffer. :3

 Endorsement for Mischief of Mice, there are a lot of magic and utility mod tutorials here:


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