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There's a different pack with the same name here:


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Sure glad you could stop by. If I could borrow your ear a moment I'd like to tell you about this here pack. It's all about farmin', buildin', and decoratin'. You won't find none of those new-fangled machines here. That don't mean you can't get your automatin' on. You'll just have to dust off your old thinkin' cap.


Now, I must warn ya. I've been working on this pack for a bit, but it still needs some fine tunin'. I don't plan on removing any mods, but some may be added if I see a need. I suggest using the Aroma mining world in case a new mod adds world gen. Leave that Overworld for buildin', not minin'.


Configs have been changed, but I'm sure there's more work to be done. Recipes will be tweaked as well. Please don't hesitate to help out. If something needs fixed, added, removed, tweaked, pinched, caressed, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Thanks so much, and have fun, partner!





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