HLStuff - Adventure & Exploration



 HLStuff is an immersion, fantasy-based vanilla + modpack that features many mods to enhance almost every and any aspect of the game without breaking it and Vanilla always in mind.





    • Enhanced cooking via Farmer's Delight

    • Map Atlas minimap

    • More/enhanced structures via YUNG's Better Desert Temple and more

    • Simple furniture via Another Furniture Compendium

    • QOL enhancements via Quark, Supplementaries and others

    • Biome enhancements via Tectonic, Ecologics and More

    • More combat options via Nock Enough Arrows & Simple Weapons


  • More player animations via Better Combat Not Enough Animations


  • Two New Dimensions via Deeper & Darker The Aether 


  • And much more!




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