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Centered on Immersive Engineering, HexWorks includes a balanced, finely tuned selection of mods that seeks to create a seamless, grounded experience built off of mods not commonly seen in the biggest packs, and a few that are. Most features are added only by a single mod (so you don't have to keep track of forty types of tube) and most mods have a small suite associated with them to flesh them out and help the world feel vibrant and fresh. Inspired by Satisfactory, Technodefirmacraft, and Voltz, the pack is hard to manage alone through width, and inventory space is premium, so bring a friend!


-Streams for real rivers that can power your IE waterwheels!

-Biomes O' Plenty for utility and variety

-Geolosys for big veins of ore!

-Underground Biomes for more stone types to use

-Immersive Engineering for even BIGGER veins of ore!!

-Unidict for uniform ingots for all that ore

-Dynamic Trees so your trees look better than ever!

-Go to space, and build your empire into the stars!

-Seasons will progress, so plan your farms accordingly.


-Added NPC interaction
-Improved villages

-Immersive Vehicles for tanks and attack helicopters!

-Crayfish guns for more dakka

-Tinker's Construct for improved stabbing
     +and lasers
     +and armor for better protection against those

-Special Mobs for new and more threatening foes

-Dungeons 2 for new and more interesting places to stab them

-ICBM so you can nuke your friends

-Open Modular Turrets so they can't strike back

-Doomlike Dungeons for a wither-enhanced nightmare of a real challenge


-Even more and nastier monsters
-More and fancier dungeons


-Antique Atlas for shareable minimapping

-Trains, planes, and automobiles from Immersive Railroading and Immersive Vehicles
     +May or may not involve rail mounted artillery.

-Transportalize with Project Red!

-Go to space with Advanced Rocketry!

-Feel miserable and cold in the rain with Weather 2!

-Use less hunger when travelling on plains thanks to Repose!

-Travel to distant Biomes O Plenty lands in search of Geolosys ores!


-Improved Space Integrations (Do more with fewer machines!) 
-Boats- real, actual boats.

-Make your machines in style, and crush the competition alongside your ores with Immersive Engineering.

-Immersive Petroleum, so you can be an oil baron and then adopt environmentally friendly policies.

-Pollution of the Realms, to encourage you to develop those.

-Use realistic alternating current with immersive technology!

-PowerMoney: power makes money, money is power.

-Farm with Randall Agriculture's tractors!

-Aqueducts: A powerful tool to help manage the limited lakes of the land.

-Nuclearcraft OVERHAUL: Build your first reactor at someone else's house.

-Cooking for Blockheads: Pam's Harvestcraft should not be painful.

-Tinker's Construct, where else can you get tools?

-Make your metal tools with a fun (optional) forging minigame with Tinker's Forging!

-Underground Biomes makes rocks look better.
-Immersive Engineering's machines and treated wood let you build your industrial park in style.

-Tiny tiles give you whatever you want.

-Inspirations adds furnishings with function.

-Macaw's furniture allows you to make the most of woods.

-Architecturecraft and Platforms grant fast and cheap options for good looking stuff that doesn't get too complicated.


Suggestions are encouraged!

Hexidecimark- Lead Curator
CreeperCuller- Script Author
Thraesk- Twitch Specialist

Voltiss- Tester
The Modders- Content
Players Like You- Interest & Support
We're happy to take suggestions.

We have discord, here:
This modpack can also be found on Technic Pack, here: 
We have a server you can play on, here:

Recommended RAM is 6G for this pack. 


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