Heroes reloaded - take 2

This superhero-, adventure- and tech-mod-based pack should be only be played on a server and is designed to be played in the 'extremmuntiy project' of the german Youtuber 'ExtremVerzockt'.
It is the follow-up to the really old modpack 'Heroes' which was built for the above named Youtuber, too.
The server-version comes with a custom map, which you don't have to play on, if you don't want to.
Some things might not work as intended, if played in any other way.


Netherportals are disabled. You'll have to build any other teleportation method to get to the nether (draconicevolution portal, rftools teleporter) which you'll have to build in creative mode.


For 4k screens a GUI size of 5 is recommended, for FHD (1080p), I recommend the default GUI size (3) to you.


The YTE (Youtuber's Edition) features some tweaks to the FancyBlockParticles config, some changes at the CustomMainMenu config and adds replaymod. It should therefore be more useful for content creators.
The YTE should also more compatible with Optifine than the standart edition.
How to install: download the yte -> twitch app (minecraft-tab): click 'create custom profile' -> click 'import' -> select file -> enjoy


Note that the build number (ex. b01) can vary between client and server version, which will have no effect to your gameplay. The only version that effects gameplay is the release version (ex. v1.0.0). If there are multiple build versions for one release version, you should always download the newer one.