Hermit Quest

12,629 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2  

Hermit Quest is a Minecraft mod pack and map set in a beautifully created mythical land with three Kingdoms. You will begin in your personal team base. Here you will meet Earl, The Quest Giver, who will start you on your journey.

Travel across the map from camps to landmarks to find custom crates that contain resources that range from common to epic loot. Along the way, you will meet several merchants where you can sell your unwanted goods and buy more. Watch for the opening of secret Treasure Rooms to find a large stash of high tier crates. The Gambler’s Dens offers Weapon Loot Cases to aid you in your adventure.


Be careful as you explore, there are custom guards and over 20 bosses that you will encounter across the map. Fight these enemies to complete quests and receive customized loot. Never fear, if a member of your team perishes you have a chance to bring them back to life at the Angel Statue. You will have plenty of time to prepare but once the time is up, all remaining teams will meet for the final battle.

At the end, who shall stand victorious in the arena?!


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