Recommended RAM Allocation: 3-4GB

So you're looking for a hardcore Minecraft experience, and you can't quite find it and optimal performance in the same package.

That's where Half Heart MC comes in! Bringing you better performance with core gameplay to make you tear your hair out, this is your go to choice for a better experience.


 Note: This is no longer RLCraft Lite. Please do not report any bugs related to this pack in Shivaxi's Discord and do not contact him with any information about this modpack.


Public Server Info

My Discord - https://discord.gg/6ez369X


Key Features

The goal with these features is that you should be able to enjoy an enriched Minecraft experiences that offers a much larger challenge but a much more rewarding sense of achievement when you complete difficult tasks! Fight dragons, mine deep underground, and do everything you can to prosper on a world that seems to have danger around every corner.


- Improved performance due to removal of mods like Better Foliage and other miscellaneous mods no one uses anyway.

- Thirst Bar, so you can be dehydrated in Minecraft and real life

- Temperature and Heat, so your dad can yell at you for adjusting the thermostat in real life and the game

- Healing from food removed, because that's definitely not how it works in real life

- F3 Debug Disabled, since that'd make it too easy to relocate your base you just spent ten hours building

- Map and Compass enhanced, but it'll be tough to read because everyone uses GPS anyway

- Randomized Spawning when you don't have a set spawn point, because you don't deserve to live in that cool village you just found anyway

- Items and Abilities unlock as you level up, because how should you be able to wield a Spartan spear if you can't even find a safe water source?

- New RPG Skills as you level up, so the more of a no-life you are, the more you can show off to your friends

- Randomized Ruins, Structures, and a lot of other places to find murderous mythological monsters

- New Custom Crafting/Smelting recipes for Vanilla items, so that all those memorized recipes don't even matter any more

- Sound Engine Overhaul For Added Realism And Annoyance Underground Due To Incessant Echo

- Brand New Enchantments, Potions, Weapon Qualities, and a bunch of stuff you'll need to stop dying to actually use



In the v1.5 update:


- Aquaculture (by Shadowclaimer)

- Coral Reef (by primetoxinz)

- Grappling Hook Mod (by yyonne)

- Lost Souls (by McJty)

- Mo' Bends (by iwoplaza)

- The Lost Cities (by McJty)

- Tool Belt (by gigaherz)

- Varied Commodities (by Noppes_)

- Switch-Bow (by White_Draco)


- BetterFPS

- Smooth Fonts


In the v1.5.1 update:


- Switch-Bow (by White_Draco)


Setup and Installation


Latest version of Forge should hopefully work. Probably.


- I recognize the supreme epicness of Optifine. I highly recommend it for a smoother experience (and so you can zoom in and see "what the heck is that mob?" from a safe distance)

It is recommended that you disable "Fast Render" in Optifine settings for your game to not be completely unplayable, which is usually not very fun.


I'm going to be honest, I'm not a coder. I know how to smash some mods together and change some config files, and that's about it. Please let me know if you have any issues, and you can report them through my Discord (linked above)