GWJ - The Odds Themselves

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GWJ - The Odds Themselves is intended to be a small, mostly tech-focused pack that can run on less powerful systems.


The primary goals during pack creation were:


  1. Use Minecraft 1.18.2. 
  2. Immersive Engineering (because it's the pack author's favorite mod).
  3. A decent fast travel system (Waystones).
  4. Enough cosmetic additions that people can have fun building things that are not possible or not easy in vanilla.
  5. Good QoL mods to make it more fun to play.
  6. Nothing so jarring that it would discourage players for whom this is their first modpack.
  7. Light enough to run on my elderly mature PC.

    The target player group is fairly casual, but with maybe a slightly obsessive building streak. :)


The changes to terrain generation are pretty minor, and all vanilla-learned skills should be mostly transferable.





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