Gweenax Vitasy

116 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 25, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Welcome to Gweenax Vitasy




You will venture forth and craft your way to Overlord but you will start out as just any basic person playing, you will traverse across the lands and seas and will probably want to keep a journal of your travels as you definitely are on a unique World, how many Mobs, ores, foods, armors, tools, etc will you find! :)


You will have to sleep every now and then because there is realism involved with staying up too late, There is a few security mods in this modpack to make a very safe base!


In this world there will be definitely amped up play but won't be as hardcore by any means, the main thing about this modpack is you can dabble in playing around with Nuclear plants and facilities but you have to build them first! Food variety has changed you can craft / prepare some of your new foods,


Note: The Mod Starvation Ahoy is being removed for time being, "Food mechanics will require you to prepare your food!" Has been removed thus normal ways of cooking and eating food will revert back to original Minecraft ways!


There is cross modding meaning ores and materials from other mods will work on other mods making crafting and uncrafting much much easier to work with!


There is a good selection of mobs land, air and sea! There are new Tools and Armor!  I tried to make this pack challenging but at same time still fit into the average players capabilities far as Survival or Hardcore goes! Challenge: Try to die no more than 3 times in Survival on Normal or Hard difficulty!  Your welcome to play Hardcore as it is not hyped up like my other modpacks go :)


Chill back and relax, this is not as hard as my other modpacks, this is the smallest modpack I have made therefor it should be very lightweight and still give you the feeling your playing Modded Minecraft!




This is a 3rd branch of my modpacks, this is the 5th modpack made! If you like rainbow stuff there is still some colorful items in this modpack! I hope you enjoy the more balanced mix of mods this time :)


And like always if you see a mod you want in the pack or a mod removed let me know so I can tailor my modpacks to the players so that way they stay fun and a worthwhile pack to play for a very long time to come!


Additional Modpacks I have made are Rainbow Pink, and Complexium but they are much harder!




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