Gun fire survival


The Gunfire Survival Project is special because it provides players with a unique survival experience, requiring them to make their own weapons to enhance their abilities. By completing tasks and challenges, players can earn reward materials for making more effective guns and ammunition. This project also adds an extra layer of challenge as the monsters in the game become increasingly powerful and dangerous over time, due to the addition of the RPG Apocalypse Evolution mod. Players can explore a vast and dangerous world, collect resources, make new weapons, develop their combat and survival skills, and overcome many upcoming challenges. In addition to the original gameplay of mining, cutting trees, and collecting materials, the “Lost City” mod allows players to shorten mining time and explore cities, but they must be well-equipped to do so. However, in this world, it is still recommended to allocate more time to mining.


  • The integrated package is recommended to allocate 6GB RAM or more.
  • The shader needs to replace the Eternal Firearms Workshop optifine compatible version.


  • 该捆绑包建议内存分配为 6GB RAM 或更多
  • 照明需要更换为 Timeless 和 Classics 枪 optifine




  • 整合包建议内存分配为 6GB RAM 或以上
  • 光影需要替换永恒枪械工坊optifine适配版本