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This Modpack is intended for complete capture of Gregtech5 Unofficial. With more than 500 quests, even beginners can develop industry smoothly.


This Modpack has the following three features.
1.Japanese translation
By introducing the resource pack, all quests and Gregtech5u sentences can be translated into Japanese. Therefore, even Japanese who are not good at English can play while understanding Gregtech5u more deeply. 

* Please search NEI in Japanese. ItemDelocalizer and RomajiSearchMOD must be separately installed to support English and Roman characters. (It could not be installed as standard due to various circumstances)


2.Support by two world data
This MODPACK comes with two world data. The first is the exhibition hall. A world where large machines, power generation facilities, automatic lines, etc. of Gregtech 5U are exhibited. For beginners, you can understand the arrangement of nuclear power, how to set up automatic lines and large machines by actually seeing.

The second is a world where the location of Greg ore is clear. The first cause of a stumbling block for beginners playing Gregtech5u is ore hunting. In particular, it often happens that tin ore cannot be found and the first steam machine cannot be created. Use this world to eliminate the first stumbling block and get through Gregtech smoothly. Of course, you can create a new world and play.


3.Load reduction by minimum Mod configuration
The third is to carefully select and minimize introductory MODs in order to enjoy Gregtech5U as much as possible. Liquid management that Gregtech5u is not good at is supported by other MODs, and item management and automatic crafting with AE2 has been adjusted so that it can be enjoyed smoothly until the end. Since Greg is the leading role, no other industrial mods have been introduced.
So, if you want another MOD, please add yourself at your own risk.




From here, it is the above Japanese explanation.

このMODPACKはGregtech5 Unofficialの完全攻略を目的とした物です。500を超えるクエストによって初心者でもスムーズに工業を発展させる事が可能です。











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