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Uploaded by DreamMasterXXL
Uploaded Jun 10, 2018
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 286.59 MB
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MD5 ece430c39f5910d3837aed96c519fb78
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Version 09.06.2018

New Mods:

IFU (I'll find you | Early Ore Scanner)
GTNH TC Wands 1.0

Mod Upgrade:

Core Mod 1.5.27
CropsPP 1.2.9a
Detrav Scanner Mod 1.5.0
Draconic Evolution 1.0.2n
Extra Utilities 1.2.14
GT++ 1.7.1
Tec Tech 3.6.5b
Witching Gadgets 1.2.9c-GTNH

Mod Changes:

- fixed Issures with Java9
- hopefully fixed critical NBT write Issures

- try to fix crash on using infusion claw in protected areas

Witching Gadgets:
- fixed WGBF recipe map, causes no longer crashes

- added compability to vanilla GT

- added UHV Prospectors scanner
- added LV-UHV Simple scanner

Draconic Evolution:
- tried to improof performance for 11x11x11 digging with draconic Staff of power

- T2 rocket schematic fix
- Downgrading Circuits for carpenter
- Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
- Stainless steel dust in mixer
- Assembler Recipes matched to hand crafting recipes
- added Dirt/clay recipes

- Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
- reduce explosives by 50% in seismic prospector
- Added option for disabling machinemetal tinting.
- Increase chances of GT stones.
- Fix for typo
- Add back in missing large boiler pollution numbers.
- Add EU/t for monster repellent.
- Superconductor Wire processing times fixed
- Added Polybenzimidazole
- Tungsten from Endstone -> Tungstate

Config changes:

- added IFU config
- Aluminium Oreberries no longer Oredicted to Aluminium Nuggets

Recipe changes:

- Galgadorian Woodcutter buffed
- Ender quarry nerfed
- Weird recipe Onion Soup
- Thaumcraft wands/caps recipes changes
- lunchbox no longer needs steel screws
- ender fluid pipes nerfed
- Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance
- added Missing Mutagen production step
- Food cans now in HV
- Carpenter's Blocks Slopes buffed
- Cardboard wings crafting fix
- added recipes for liquid cryotheum and pyrotheum

Quests changes:

- GTplusplus quests added
- Add Chapter Tier 7
- Space Dungeon Quests
- fix for quest 1472(Grappler)
- Carrots quest changed
- Early game "Backed" Potatoes quest oredict error fixed
- MV Multiblock Goals changed
- Added quests for finding ores and Bart's GTNEI ore finding window.
- Removed laser engraver quest in LV. Added chemical bath quest in LV.
- Added info for new players on being online with Mojang.
- Added info on getting a backup mod or doing it manually.
- Added Ender IO Wireless Charger quest.
- Added note to Darksteeel Armor quest to do potions 3 at a time so they match correctly.
- Implosion compressor and vacuum freezer casings updated.
- Primal shroom coins quest moved to require the quest before finding primal shrooms.
- Cooldown changed to 20 minutes -long enough to encourage searching, since you only get 5 at a time.
- New information quest when starting multiublocks to not allow multiblocks to cross chunk boundaries.
- 16 new quests
- Some minor quest fixup on HV/EV quests that unlock too early.
- fixed enderquarry quest

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