GregTech Expert

8,801 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.7.10

#In the beginning
This ModPack has based on IC2 add-on GregTech unofficial version.
Make changes if there are simple changes that can be made with the machine GregTech recipe, make there alone. And able to create useful machine added in the other Mod is to proceed with it.

#Challenge of this modpack
01. Making the Torcherino and Quarryplus to run them.
02. Making the Ultimate battery.
03. Making the UV solar panel.
04. Making the ME 16384k Storage.
05. Making the Creative only items!

Take a look at the download, make sure!


01. TorcherinoとQuarryplusを作成して動かすこと
02. Ultimate batteryを作成すること
03. UVのソーラーパネルを作成すること
04. MEの16384kストレージを作成すること
05. クリエイティブ専用アイテムを作成すること!



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