The main aim of this modpack is to add more to the exploration side of Minecraft, originally starting with ocean themed mods then changing course to affect the whole game and not just one biome.


The modpack contains Lots more mobs to add more life to the overall world and also dangers such as Whales and Crocodiles, New dimensions to explore as well as updating the base game dimensions with well known dimensions mods like twilight forest.


The modpack also includes New biomes and structures/dungeons in the overworld, new ores to mine, More weapons and armour, magic and technology 


I have yet to really touch the caves in the pack yet but it hasn't gone fully untouched with the addition of the Kobold mod adding an underground civilisation you can find living in Kobold dens which you can trade and interact with.


currently im toying around with it and removing some mods as well as adding news one due to minecraft getting the 1.20. update