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 Welcome to Gondwana, the ultimate nature pack! This pack was made especially for those who prefer the exploration/aesthetic building/wilderness survival aspects of Minecraft over complicated redstone machines yet who still want a challenging and expansive experience for long term gameplay. It aims to make the Minecraft world as beautiful, detailed, immersive and alive as possible: to recapture the excitement of exploring in the Beta days with loads of quirky terrain gen (including floating islands, lagoons and land bridges), structures, creatures and NPCs to stumble upon in your travels.




* When starting a new world make sure to select the Biomes O' Plenty worldtype. If you select another worldtype such as Quark's Realistic type many of the biomes, animals and cool stuff won't spawn. (tip: try the continents landmass option for extra awesome)


**A huge thanks to all the devs who patiently fixed all the various crashes and incompatibilities to make this pack possible!


Life in the Woods Renaissance was one of my favourite 1.7.10 packs and I wanted to create something similar - only bigger and bolder since I noticed a serious absence of large low tech packs. I have stuck to the core theme of 'exploring nature' and Gondwana retains the rustic, homespun feel of LITWR. Not only are there no true 'tech mods' but I also didn't include any magic mods I felt were too tech minded to fit the spirit of the pack in that the main point of them is automating things. For that reason you won't find mods like Botania or Embers here.


Instead automation is never really necessary at all; the whole emphasis of this pack is on novelty, rather than efficiency. Unlike other packs which encourage you to settle down ASAP here you'll find living off the land, scavenging and looting are often rewarded over mass production. So if you'd prefer rustic thatched roof houses, homemade butter, free range chickens and camping in the woods to flashy redstone contraptions and pipes then you'll love this pack. 



 Notes: Gondwana is intended to be used alongside Optifine and 10pak's mods however because of the author's wishes these can't be included in the pack and will need to be installed manually. You don't have to add these, but I think it makes for the maximum experience.


-As it adds a huge amount of terrain generation this is a resource intensive pack. It requires a bare minimum of 6GB allocated RAM and ideally 8-10GB especially if using shaders. If you experience poor fps, disable Better Foliage and make sure Weather 2's particle effects are set to Low. 


-The overworld appears to be fully compatible with Triliton's shaders v7 and v8 and mostly compatible with Chocapic13's shaders v7.1 and Builder's shaders. You'll have to turn the shaders off before entering the dimensions.


-Because I wanted an old school explorer feel I haven't included the typical minimap mods. I have instead added Antique Atlas and Batty's Coordinates. You can also teleport using a Floo network.


- Vanilla animals must be allowed to spawn in Animania's config or there will be incompatibilities with several other mods.




  • Epic terrain that will actually get you dying to explore again rather than the boring, uniform landscapes of vanilla. Featuring many different biome mods including some you've probably never heard of. Possibly breaks the record for number of biomes in a single pack!
  • Raise and breed an impressive amount of animals as diverse as dinosaurs, mystical horses, quaggas, slimes, butterflies, jerboas, Japanese giant salamanders and lammergeiers (bearded vultures). You can even breed dogs with coat patterns resembling domestic breeds with Wildcraft. 
  • 10 magical dimensions to visit - Atum, Aether II, the Tropics, the Erebus, Kathairis, Twilight Forest, the Midnight, Glacidus, the Tofu dimension and the Gaia dimension (pictured).
  • Build a beautifully detailed home and garden with mods such as Useful Interior, Mr Crayfish's furniture mod, Cathedral, ChinjufuMod, Chineseworkshop, Ferdinand's Flowers, Blockcraftery, Bibliocraft and much more.
  • Master herblore and natural medicine with mods like Totemic, Shamanism, Roots, Extra Alchemy, Bewitchment and Historisized Medicine.
  • Visit a completely overhauled and much more exiting End and Nether
  • Build a mobile home and become a nomad, exploring tens of thousands of blocks of beautiful and unique terrain - get your kurtjmac on and travel to your heart's content!
  • A fun new food system that rewards instead of punishes. Loads of neat food mods to try out (hint, it pays to be as adventurous in your diet as possible!)
  • Caving made great again with Worley's Caves, Pyramid Plunder, Quark and more.
  • Go vegan or hunt and fish for all sorts of exotic meat - it's up to you. 
  • NOT just the popular stuff - this pack probably contains one of the highest % of new and lesser used (but still awesome) mods you'll ever see for totally fresh content!




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