Godly Vampires

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Cyclops Core 

This is a core for the mod called evilcraft to work.
Chicken Chunks 1.8.+
This mod adds a block that its function.
is that the server is loading the chunks without a player being around.
Vampirism become a vampire
As its name indicates, vampirism is a mod in which you can be a vampire or
a vampire hunter that both have a level system that the more level you are, the more skills you can unlock.
Blood Magic
Blood magic adds blood magic rituals,
at the beginning of this mod you will have to craft a
sacrificial knife and draw blood little by little to fill the altar to create very powerful things.
Guide-API Village and Pillage is a mod that adds guides on the mods that you have installed in your world or server
for example in this case with this modpack add a guide on vampirisim and croparia.
CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+
This mod is a core for Chicken chunks to work and ender storage.
Chisels & Bits Chisel and bits is a mod that adds blocks of different sizes measured in
pixels.Also, you can also make yourself as small 
as a pixel and live in a giant house that only measures one block.
Applied Energistics 2
Applied energistics 2 It is an industrial mod that at the beginning you start with a small mill
to crush the materials to create with them, add the terminal that is like a computer that you can save items of exaggerated quantities if you have enough hard drives.

Iron Furnaces [FORGE]
This mod adds quite fast ovens of different levels.
which is in this order iron, gold, diamond.

Iron Chests
This mod adds chests in which quite a few objects can be stored and has levels.
which is in this order iron, gold, diamond.
Ender Storage 1.8.+
This mod adds three objects
which are a chest that has a color pattern and another chest of this mod has the same color pattern the objects
are shared, Ender tank that uses the same color system but this tank shares the fluids and a kind of backpack that has the same color system is like an ender tank but as a backpack and laptop.
Biomes O' Plenty
This mod adds a variety of biomes that each have their own style

Waila HarvestabilityThis is an addon for the Hwyla or Waila mod that shows you the hardness of
the blocks for example a diamond ore tells you that it is diamond level and so with other mods for
example a block that is chopped with a stone pick will come out that has iron hardness
Godly Vampirism
It is an addon for the Vampirism mod that makes vampires need less blood than is
the food of vampires and gives 2 skill points for each level and makes vampires not need as much blood.

Vampirism Integrations This is an addon for vampirism that
makes the blood used in evlicraft and blood magic compatible with the blood used by vampires.

GraveStone Mod
It is a mod that adds graves when dying with the player's head.

Just Enough Items (JEI)
It is a mod that adds the recipes of the minecraft and mod items

Security Craft
This is a security mod such as door cameras with facial recognition password chests etc.

It is a blood mod that adds things like a blood chest that repairs things with blood, a pickaxe with fortune 10 etc.

Inventory Pets
This mod adds items like
a portable crafting table only that you can use in your inventory

Reap Mod
It is a mod that makes when you right-click on a plant it is a mod or minecraft that gives you the plant and replants it alone

A mod required by botania

A minimap that allows you to make waypoints

Vampires Need Umbrellas
It is a mod that allows you to use an umbrella for vampires or for simple aesthetics, in vampires it makes them not burn by the sun if you have it in one of the two hands

Curios API (Forge) A mod required by botania

Traveler's Backpack
It is a mod that adds backpacks that in addition to space has a crafting table and fluid tanks

It is a magic mod that has its own energy called
mana that serves to put the mana in a mana tablet and thus make the armor and tools repair themselves
Hwyla or Waila is a mod that adds in the middle of the screen above a brief description about the block you are looking at, what block it is and what mod it is.
Croparia v3 [FORGE/FABRIC]
is a mod that adds plants of all kinds such as diamonds or minerals
from the botania that adds its things like the air gem armor that allows you to fly only having the armor equipped and protects a lot.
Serene Seasons
It is a mod that adds the seasons of the year.


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