Glacial Awakening

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Filename Glacial
Uploaded by al132
Uploaded Sep 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 4.25 MB
Downloads 1,472
MD5 138912e44dec2ccd97bed4d152c8eb65
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Added Mods:
-Cooking For Blockheads
-Fast Workbench


Removed Mods:
-SimpleHarvest (redundant with EnderCore)
-iChunUtil (No longer using any mods that require it)
-NoRecipeBook (redundant with Fast Workbench)


Updated Mods:
-Artisan Worktables


-Storage drawers will now eject their contents when broken again. In a recent update, drawers are taped by default when broken. I have decided to disable this.
-Fluorine quest is now be marked as a consume quest
-Added more blocks to the carry-on whitelist
-Set a cap on the max y-level of most custom structures
-Fixed the rotation of the thatch-roof houses, they should no longer spawn with weird roofs
-Added 2 more worldgen structures (thanks again Ilona)
-Fixed recipe clash between arcane crystal ore and runestone
-Added recipe for dark runestone
-Fixed egg in furnace recipe clash
-Added a manufactory recipe for sugarcane -> paper
-Added tungsten plate recipe for IE Metal Press
-Re-enabled alchemistry fusion
-Fixed recipe clash between pyrotech logpile & quark bark
-Started working on chp. 6, for a main questline endgame trophy, similar to what I did in Volcano Block

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