GamerHaven Official


GamerHaven Official is a modpack that is used on the official community Gamerhaven server. It's an all around universal pack with a bit of everything for every one. No matter your taste, this pack will satisfy. Between adventure, RPG, magic, tech, and others, you'll find many hours of fun. The pack started out by playing ATM6 with some friends, and we wanted to expand some "specific" areas with other mods, and thus, the GamerHaven pack emerged.


It's All the Mods 6, with some extras.


To make suggestions or report bugs, use our issue tracker on GitHub.


GamerHaven links:


Guilded Server

Discord Server
Our official server is pack.gamerhaven.org

Our beta server (when beta available) is packbeta.gamerhaven.org


Try our "Lite" pack


Does it have all the mods? No, here's a short breakdown:

Base pack is ATM6, see the wiki for other changes to the base pack