Galar - A Magical Fantasy World

17,719 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1   +1

Ever want to get some Dungeons & Dragons in your Minecraft? Well now you can!


This modpack is focused on exploration- using the End Remastered mod as the cornerstone of a magical world with new structures, unique bosses, and distinctly magical surroundings around the world. Finding a village to base out of, work with Guild Masters to earn emeralds and start staking your claim as a new adventurer. The origins mod replicates racial backgrounds from D&D, allowing you to play this modpack several different ways. While I did this in Hardcore, this is a great survival or adventure based modpack for any playstyle.


This modpack works entirely on it's own, but to download my specific map from the video, support me on Patreon!


This modpack is as featured in my Hardcore 100 Days video!


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