Galactic Science 2

26,174 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10


Current state : Beta. Expect the Beta to be a REAL Beta with content being added and changed!


Official Beta server now in testing. Join our discord and ask our staff about it!


We will see different difficulty modes for casual, normal (current) and servers :)


T1 (Moon) - done and tested - fine

T2 (Mars) - done and tested - could be tweaked balance wise

T3 done - needs some balancing



Important: If you don't see the custom recipes, try a /mt reload!


Aliens attacked the earth. A secret agency has activated the satellites that surrounded earth with a planetary shield. 


Earth is besieged. Luckily you were just leaving the ISS before the aliens blasted it to pieces.


After checking the fuel levels of your small spacecraft you set course to the only object in space you can reach.


The moon.


It seems someone landed there before you.



Join my discord!


Please note I only have limited time to answer there and it cuts from the time I have to make the pack ;)


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